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Furnace Maintenance Plans for Southfield, MI FAQ

Sims Preventive Maintenance LLC offers Furnace Maintenance Plans for Southfield, MI. Here are some helpful FAQ's on our policies.

Q. When does my coverage start?

A. Coverage starts the second year of the plan; no coverage is active the first year of the plan since no payments have been made. This is not an insurance plan for your appliance; it is a replacement guarantee plan, and you must pay into the plan to get the benefits of it. If your system fails and needs replacement during the first year of the plan, you can use deposits you have made as payment on your new appliance.

Q. What happens during the second year of my plan?

A. You are completely covered; if your appliance needs replacement, we will replace it. You are still liable for the remaining balance and monthly payments for the rest of the contract term.

Q. Is there any sign up or fees involved?

A. Yes. The first two payments are for administration and account setup expenses. These are nonrefundable; all other payments are 100% refundable if you cancel within two weeks of signing up.

Q. May I upgrade to a higher efficiency furnace?

A. Yes. But you must pay an additional cost.

Q. What if I cannot meet my monthly payment for some other reason out of my control? Do I lose protection?

A. No. You may freeze payments for up to two months without losing protection. Or send in a minimum payment for a time; your coverage will continue. Just inform us of your circumstances.

Q. Why are there no interest payments or financing?

A. This is not necessary; we are not borrowing money to finance your project.

Q. Why no credit checks?

A. Your payments to SPMLLC prior to installation show your credit worthiness. No payments, no installations.

Q. May I cancel at any time?

A. Yes. But remember that your protection service stops.

Q. When I cancel, how much of my money do I get back?

A. 100% of your money back within 90 days of signing up.then its 80% first year 60% second year 40% third year 20% fourth year 0% fifth year.

Q. Who will install my new furnace?

A. SPMLLC or an agent of SPMLLC.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you do inspections?

A. We may.

Q. My existing furnace needs replacement, but I am not enrolled in your plan. May I use your plan to replace my furnace?

A. No. Your furnace must be operational at the time of the plan purchase. We will be happy to give you an estimate for a replacement, so please give us a call.

Q. If my existing furnace needs repair work under your plan, do you cover the repairs?

A. No. We cover only the appliances we have installed. This is not a repair service plan. Any repairs to your existing appliances are at your expense.

 However, we offer our repair service to you at a discount, and you may use your deposits to pay for the repair or add it to your plan, or you may pay at the time of service.

Q. What happens when my existing furnace fails and needs replacement?

A. Call us. We may decide to inspect the furnace to verify the analysis, and then we will install your new furnace, boiler, or air-conditioner.

Q. What happens when I freeze payments after two months?

A. If you freeze payments after two months, no protection is active. If your furnace or air-conditioner fails and needs replacement SPMLLC can install your new appliance, and all deposits may be used to cover the cost of the installation. However, any balance owed must be paid at the time of the installation.

Q. What if my new furnace or air-conditioner that SPMLLC installed needs repair?

A. Your warranty covers the repair, labor one year, and parts for five years. You may also purchase an extended warranty.